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SSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro

SSuite Ex-Lex Office Pro 2.34.6

A free professional office suite for all Windows systems.

Free Downloadfor Windows
16 votes
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  • by Anonymous

    Love It!!. I love it!! Give me more of this great stuff. Runs fast, easy to use, and very stable and reliable!!

  • by Anonymous

    A masterful piece of work!. A very capable office suite, does rival anything out there! Has it all and even more than paid for software suites. Pros: Has very nice icons and gui menus. The print preview is the best I've seen on any software. Has many document formats support! Cons: Does not need much to be better. Could do with more instructions on how to use some of the apps more succesfully.

  • by Anonymous

    Fast and easy to use. Perfect!. Does all that I need. Excellent and fast running! Needs more people to support it. :)

  • by Anonymous

    Excellent Freeware that rivals the best!. The best ever release to date. Has the most useful apps included to get connected on any LAN network instantly!!!

  • by Anonymous

    Excellent alternative to commercial but also to open source software.. I was looking at the new Microsoft Office for Windows 8, when I purchased a new netbook for college. When I saw the price for ONE liscence I was most upset. Then I found your wonderful WordGraph program and I must say... what an excellent application you have created. :D. P.S thanks for not adding Java to any of your software!. More

  • by Anonymous

    Excellent alternative to commercial but also to open source software. SSuite is definitely the top office suite software available! I can say SSuite is way much better than the popular ones people are using currently. The best part is, it is FREE! And so far I've never experience any issues or bugs with the software! Their support is brilliant too! Fast replies and friendly support.

  • by Anonymous

    Innovative and totally green software!. Nice software suite. Perfect and excellent laptop efficient too!